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What is a Curly Cut?


Naturally Curly Hair requires special treatment it cannot be cut in a traditional way.  Pulling it straight, while wet, changes the state of the curl and inevitably you end up with hard angles and lines.  The results are typically tragic, dog ears, lumps, bumps, shelves and steps all over the place.  Curls need to be cut dry, in their natural state, with the spring factor taken into consideration. Curly cuts are about balance and silhouettes more than precise lines. Curl by Curl they are customized to each person taking in texture, density and fall.  

What’s up with Co-Washing?

This is a movement that took hold recently because some shampoos can dehydrate hair so badly. Thus born, skip shampooing to save your curls.   Well, that is an over correction in my opinion.  The scalp is very important to the whole system and needs to be cleansed regularly.   It is more important to know ingredients and watch for the harsh shampoos that behave like detergent.  These days it is quite easy to find a non-lathering cleanser to do a beautiful job on your curls.

How do I know if I have build-up?

Waxes, oils, silicones and even minerals in water can build-up in the hair.  These can create a barrier making it impossible for water and products to penetrate your hair properly.   You should not “feel” your products in your hair, if you do they are much too heavy and probably building -up.  If your hair tangles or “dreads” up in places even after conditioner and combing, you likely have build-up.  

OMG! I have build-up what can I do?

There are a few home remedies you can find online but be careful, many include vinegars and highly acidic components, you could suffer great dehydration.   There is an in-salon deep treatment we can do to try and pull build-up out safely without affecting your curls harshly.  

How often should I wash my hair?

Your body will tell you what is right for you.  Finer hair types 2a-c typically can only go 2 days at the most.  Thicker hair types 4a-c can go much longer.  Curls, afro, and coarse, coily textures run naturally dry and require some extra TLC to keep them soft, supple, and frizz-free. The condition of your scalp is also a factor as a healthy scalp is literally at the root of healthy hair. But wherever you fall on the spectrum of human hair types, a hair routine can go wrong quickly if you aren’t cleansing properly. Even healthy hair needs to be regularly cleansed to avoid becoming damaged hair. Keeping it healthy ensures a better hair growth rate and can help it recover from damage. 

Do I need to deep condition?

Absolutely.  Curls are dryer by nature.  The appropriate masque/deep conditioner should be prescribed to you for your curl type and you should use it at least twice a month.  

How often do I need a Curly Cut?

A typical curl cut lasts 10-12 weeks. 


Why does a Curly Cut cost so much?

How many bad hair cuts have you had in your life, worse still how many months do you suffer afterwards waiting for it to recover?  Countless women that sit in my chair have horror stories of what they have been through.  Many people go years without cuts because of the trauma or forego salons altogether and cut on their own hair. 

Curls can be one of the most gorgeous textures to wear, however not many women have gotten to experience that because they have never had the proper cut and style.  The truth is you are paying for my knowledge, I have spent over 14 years studying curls, dedicating my life to understanding EVERY curl type.  I know the pitfalls of improper care, styling and missteps in cutting.  I take my time during a haircut, I’m mindful and I get it right.  I have invested in my education, and I invest in making sure you understand everything about your hair too by passing on all of my knowledge.  

What's your curl type?

This can be a trick question as most curly folks  can have 4 different types at once. Check your own head. You will notice waves and coils springing in and out throughout your mane. That’s what brings interest and beauty to a head of natural curls.  Knowing your “curl type” is not that important as truthfully; you aren’t just one.